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 Welcome  to the Silk Hope Ruritan Vendor and Exhibitor page!  We have some general information  and a few links to help make your experience with Silk Hope Ruritan Club  more productive and give you a better understanding of what is expected  and required of Vendors and Exhibitors. We hope to see you at one of  our events or help you make your event a very successful one. 

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2018 Booklet Ad Space Application

Ad space Application

This is a map of the Vendor space layout.

Park Map

PDF of Chatham County Temporary food vendor application.

Food PDF

Temp food vendor page

 This is a link to Chatham County Health Department Temp food vendor page. 

Temporary Food Establishments

Old Fashioned Farmers Day Vendor Application

 The Silk Hope Community Building, Silk Hope  Farm Heritage Park and the Ruritan club are currently dry  establishments. Please note this when making application to our Rental  Agent (Ned  Gaudette  ) and in the planning of your event. Trash clean up is a priority on  all of our grounds. We do have a security deposit requirement for this  purpose. Portable toilets are absolutely required of any event and we  can provide help in choosing a vendor.  

Vendor Application

A link to Chatham County's Pre-event application page.

Pre-event application page

Chatham County's Pre-event application Form

Pre-Event Application Form


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